Buck naked (Best Seller)A fruity floral blend that combines green apples, spicy pears, honeydew melon, and strawberries with light accents of cherry. A soft floral accord and creamy vanilla undertones adds texture to the fruit tones. 

Cowboy (Popular) - Pull on your boots and strap on your spurs, Cowboy is an amazing rugged masculine fragrance with bold notes of citrus, bergamot, sea salt and amber wood.

Fruit Punch - A strong fruity fragrance compared to the popular red fruit punch drink.

Leather - The familiar clean and nostalgic scent of fresh leather.

Leather and Strawberry - The mixture of tanned leather and fresh, juicy strawberries.

Leather and Vanilla - The rugged smell of Leather with the sweet fragrance of smooth and creamy vanilla.

Piney Woods - A strong, clean pine aroma bound to take your senses on a walk through a dense pine forest.